First blog post

Happy Tuesday my Sensational Squirrels,

I started this blog over the Christmas break while I was sitting on my bed on YouTube. I felt so excited, so empowered through a Michelle Phan video about her travels in Vietnam, and I wondered if I could make videos or do something creative like she does.

This blog’s topics are inspired by me and my interests and passions. As I speak, I usually get off topic very quickly because I have so many things to discuss and am always reminded of another funny story before I have even finished the first one. So, I think it’s fitting that each post’s topic will vary based on what I’m inspired by at each moment and leave you guessing what I’ll talk about next. This blog may also connect my photography and videos because I haven’t had a chance to show any of those either.

I can give you an idea as to what this blog will be. I will start with a formal introduction. My name is Lauren. My favorite movies when I was little were Pride and Prejudice and Gone with the Wind. I prefer tea over coffee and drink a cup of mint or green tea every morning. I love historical fiction books and movies, mainly because it gives you the ability to feel the circumstances of the events surrounding the historical events while also including the adventure and character development of a fantasy. I have one younger sister, and my parents are divorced. I was that horse loving kid that everyone knew in Kindergarten, and I have played the French Horn for almost 6 years now. I would call where I live a “big small town.” Those details aren’t even breaching the surface of who I am, but it’s good enough for now.

Also if you’re wondering about the title, I’m an old fashioned kind of girl. It definitely refers to The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews, not the Fox Live remake.



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