Let’s Take a Look at 2016

Happy Monday Lovely Ladybugs,

I’ve been meaning to make another post for a little while now, but I’ve been so busy (and tired) from the New Years’ festivities that I haven’t been able to post anything. This is coupled with the fact that I had to pack up my things and switch houses, and my mom’s house has no wifi.

I have a TON of things that I want to talk about, but first let’s take a look back at the events of 2016. It started off on January 1 with the death of my mom’s dad, my PawPaw. As Ed Sheeran sings in Afire Love, “Now my family is one again/ Stapled together with the strangers and a friend.” I also found that Alan Jackson’s words in Remember When described my family and life in general really well “Remember when old ones died and new were born/ And time was changed, disassembled, rearranged/ We came together, fell apart/ And broke each other’s hearts/ Remember when.” I hadn’t seen my cousins, aunts, and uncles in a long time when I used to see them on holidays and every year on a vacation at the beach. The funeral brought everyone back together to celebrate his life. It made me think of how he lived his life and how he would want me to live mine: with wonder and a lust for life, always trying to be better but also being happy with and what I have. This year the family got together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s what I was really thankful for. The rest of the year flew by, but it was great!

I have a lot of favorite things for 2016! Let’s start with food favorites! I drink a cup of tea every single day, and I’ve been loving Bigelow Green Tea with lemon. It is really really good, and I’m not even a green tea person. It almost tastes like fruit loops to me, as weird as that sounds. The main reason I switched was because I wanted a tea that would stain my teeth less since I just got braces, but who knew that I would end up loving it? I don’t really have an appetite early in the morning, but I also discovered Belvita breakfast crackers. (I prefer blueberry) They go perfectly with the green tea. When it says that it gives you long lasting energy, it means it. I’ve also become increasingly obsessed with smoothies. They’re so easy to make and are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth or just have a snack without going crazy and eating something super unhealthy. All you need is to buy a bag of mixed fruit and whatever juice you have in the fridge! I also love adding banana because it masks any acidity and gives the smoothie a creamy texture.

Moving on to youtubers! Everyone that knows me also knows that I watch Good Mythical Morning every single morning. If I miss it in the morning, I watch it in the afternoon. I absolutely LOVE it. Each episode is so creative, and Rhett and Link are hilarious and witty. I have also loved watching AprilJustinTV. They’re a family of three who lives in California. I really look up to them because they’re so kind to everyone and are instilling good values (especially by example) in their son, Liam. I really hope to one day be a great parent like them.

In 2016, my acne improved a lot. I started using the Neutrogena Acne Wash at night and then switched to the Equate version because it’s less expensive. I started using a knock-off Cetaphil face cleanser in the morning because my skin didn’t regenerate the oil as fast as it did when using a more abrasive face wash. It also left my face soft and moisturized. I also started a DIY toner on my face that I learned about from a Chriselle Lim video. Fill a small-medium sized jar halfway with water. Then fill up the rest with Apple cider vinegar and use it as a toner before you go to bed. You can also cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice in, but that’s optional. I would reccomend redoing the toner after a while because you don’t want it to become too old or get moldy. TAMBIEN! I have a DIY cellulite scrub that I’ve been using on occasion. Basically, you just take the coffee grounds from that morning and add extra virgin olive oil. Combine with a spoon. Then you scrub for about 10 minutes on cellulite-ridden areas and voila! Tighter, softer skin! You’re cellulite doesn’t magically disappear, and the effects wear off. But it does reduce the look of cellulite and moisturizers your skin. I recommend using this in the shower because it can be a little bit messy and because you have to rinse it off anyway.

As far as music, I loved Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighborhood album. I also really loved Shawn Mendes’s Illuminate album during the summer. I’ve been listening to a lot of throwback songs like It’s My Life by Bon Jovi, The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga, Take on Me by a-ha, and September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I also love the Wings album by BTS, which came out later in the fall. But you couldn’t avoid the popular hits or trends because they permeated literally every aspect of life.

This year I saw When Harry Met Sally for the first time, and let me tell you. It is so so so good. If you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. I would describe it as a beautiful and realistic love story between friends. It made me think about if a relationship like theirs would work out or not. I’ve also really enjoyed watching clips from The Real Daytime TV show on YouTube. They give advice and take about different scenarios that women have to face. They taught me a lot!

Overall, I would say that 2016 was a year of standing up for myself, being honest, and healing.



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